Monday, October 4, 2010

3D has officially arrived in UK Homes

With Virgin TV launching UK’s first ever on demand 3D movie watching service, the nation is finally experience the 3D effect in the comfort of their homes. The clubs and pubs around UK have given people the taste of 3D TV Viewing and now with the 3D service available in homes they just cannot wait to own a 3D TV and watch it all in 3D.

Virgin’s on demand 3D movie service allows viewers to watch movies in 3D as and when they wish to watch them. They will have to pay for this service. To enjoy this service the viewer needs to be a Virgin HD subscriber and should have 3D TV compatible set top box. The 3D content may still be in short supply but telecasting movies in 3D is a smart move done by Virgin. Movies cater to every one and are sure to keep the entire family entertained.

Sky’s exclusive 3D channel is due for launch on October 1, 2010. Just few more days to go and the 3D fans will get to enjoy the most of 3D with fresh content solely for them. Sky’s 3D TV service will be available to all of its HD+ customers. They will not have to pay anything extra to enjoy the 3D view without any upgrade in their existing set top box.

Virgin has already got the 3D revolution in UK homes and Sky will soon be launching its 3D channel. Looks like this will keep getting better and bigger with time.

Experience a new depth to you new favourite programs with sky 3d television. Just slip on your special glasses, turn on the TV and relax Enjoy 3D movie at home just like at cinema. Sky 3D TV offers you the ability to enjoy the high definition Sky 3D. Sky 3D Television (Sky 3d TV) station is to start on 1 October with a mix of films and sport, the broadcaster has announced.